This website is researched, written, illustrated and produced by me, Nick Jarman. I learnt to program in BASIC, then later 6502 assembler, on a BBC Microcomputer, before moving on to an Archimedes 410/1 and later a Risc PC 600 where I wrote software using ARM assembler and other high-level languages. If you look in the right corners of the World Wide Web, you can still find find some of my public domain software from that era.

My aims for this website are:

  • To show how many 8-bit BBC Computers were produced, when and by whom.
  • To describe how the computers differ according to age and manufacturer.
  • To show how they look in original unmodified form.

The estimates of production quantities and dates on this site have been derived from serial numbers and photographs posted in various places. The main sources are the ‘German Tank Problem’ tread on the StarDot forum, the extensive BeebMaster and Chris’s Acorns sites and ongoing auctions on eBay.


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